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Assault and Battery-Related Criminal Defense in Oklahoma

Available defenses in battery cases vary depending on the circumstances and facts, and every Criminal defense in Oklahoma is different. However, under the assumption that certain elements exist, these are the most common defenses to charges of assault and battery.


This is the most frequently used defense in these cases. To establish self-defense, the accused person must demonstrate:

  • The threat of unlawful harm or force
  • That they did not provoke or harm the other person
  • No reasonable chance of escape or retreat

The self-defense doctrine has limitations along with those described above. The force used to defend oneself must be reasonable and proportional to the threat involved. Even if the above elements are satisfied, a person defending themselves may still be guilty of a crime if the victim was significantly older or smaller.

Defending Others

This is similar to self-defense, with the difference being that the actor must have …

Protecting Your Family: What to Consider When Finding the Perfect Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being accused of a crime creates a stressful situation. Things happen quickly and there are so many opportunities for a person to make mistakes along the way. This is just one reason why Protecting Your Family: What to Consider When Finding the Perfect Criminal Defense Lawyer is so important. The right lawyer can make a huge difference in more than just the outcome of the case. He or she can actually make going through the process a little bit easier. There are three things to really consider when the time comes to choose a lawyer.


Everyone needs to start somewhere. But individuals that have been accused of a crime need a lawyer that has experience in this portion of the law. From taking on jury and non-jury cases to representing a wide range of defendants, a lawyer should be able to represent an individual with some level of confidence …